Introducing Mrs. Gregory

Hello and welcome! My name is Mrs. Gregory and I grew up in North Platte, Nebraska. I attended high school at North Platte St. Patrick and originally enrolled in college at South Dakota Mines. While at Mines, I discovered a desire to increase empathy and compassion among scientifically-minded students and I decided there would be no better way to accomplish this goal than through education. I transferred to Chadron State to start my teaching journey. (Was part of my motivation for going to Chadron the fact that my boyfriend was also going here? That’s still up for debate.) I spent a wonderful four years at Chadron State running cross country and track, meeting  amazing people, and learning how the heck I’m supposed to do this teaching thing. After doing my teaching internship in Scottsbluff, I applied to teach at Chadron Public Schools because of its reputation for excellence and its ability to reach students of all backgrounds. I was ecstatic to be hired here and can’t wait to get the year started!

This is where I’ll post weekly updates about what’s happening in my physical science and chemistry classes. I hope everyone appreciates this chance to keep up with your student’s going ons in my class!


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