Back to Basics

The first week of chemistry and physical science saw the kiddos practicing basic skills– working with lab equipment, converting within the metric system, and waking up early five days a week. Students used lab equipment to record the temperature at which water boils when the water is pure and when salt is added– and only a few pieces of glassware were broken!

Later in the week, students predicted different values such as the volume of block D in meters and the temperature in the shade in Kelvin. Then, the kiddos went out and took precise measurements to determine these values. After measuring, students calculated the percent error of their guesses. The winners of lowest percent error were Levi Glines and Jake Lemmon, with an average margin of error of only 40%. For reference, my prediction of how large my desk is in square meters had a margin of error of 1,183%. We will continue with the basics in both classes in the next week, including more mathematical calculations.

Fourth block physical science students, putting on their science hats (and goggles) while boiling water.


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